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Eliminate Speaking Fear



I saw good people around the world not speaking up, perhaps due to fear of public speaking.

  • I had Eliminated Fear of Public Speaking in Fortune 500 participants for 20 years.
  • So, I wrote a book on How to Become an Excellent Public Speaker, with 45-Tips to Stop Public Speaking Fear.
  • It is a simply written, relatable step-by-step small book.

About Reese:

Reesa Woolf, PhD is an International TED Talk Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Author with more than 30-years of experience preparing CEOs and their teams to speak with Confidence.

She is an expert in demystifying and eliminating Fear of Public Speaking.

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    There aren’t many books that can change a person’s potential for success, but this one does.

    Mr. Bear Speaks Without Fear stopped my stage fright and public speaking anxiety. It has given me confidence and self-esteem speaking in front of large groups. Nothing else I tried worked. This book is a miracle!

    This book is great for new speakers and for the experienced presenter who may have missed the subtle techniques that make you excellent.

    Mr. Bear Speaks Without Fear helped me to speak up and say my ideas as soon as I think of them. I used to wait and someone else got credit for the same idea. I now clearly explain my ideas in both virtual and in -person meetings. It has eliminated my speaking fear.

    This book put an end to my lifetime of frustration with public speaking. No matter what challenges you have, or how you feel stuck, if you apply the system in this book you will present your best self every time.

    I couldn’t understand why it was so easy for me to speak to a few people but I froze in front of groups. After reading Mr. Bear Speaks Without Fear, I eliminated the issues that held me back. I write and deliver talks with peace of mind.

    Because of Mr. Bear, I sleep the night before speaking! This book has increased my influence, confidence & income because it has fresh ideas that work.

    I could never overcome my fear of public speaking until I read this book. It’s the mentor for people who know that being an excellent speaker is a ‘must have’ skill.

    The ideas here revealed the person I knew I was inside but couldn’t access. My boss immediately noticed the difference. This book is destined to become a classic.

    Mr. Bear’s entertaining story makes speaking with confidence possible for the average person. Even if you consider yourself a beginner, author Reesa Woolf, Ph.D. explains how you can become a respected communicator.

    Mr. Bear Speaks Without Fear is easy to read. Get ready for your next big presentation and every one after that!

    I learned how to easily create compelling talks and deliver them with self-confidence at any time, to any audience. Get the confidence you need.

    Being a respected presenter gives you access to opportunities. This book simplifies the complexities of public speaking with the necessary skills and self- trust you will use immediately.

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