Reese Woolf

Eliminate Speaking Fear



I saw good people around the world not speaking up, perhaps due to fear of public speaking.

  • I had Eliminated Fear of Public Speaking in Fortune 500 participants for 20 years.
  • So, I wrote a book on How to Become an Excellent Public Speaker, with 45-Tips to Stop Public Speaking Fear.
  • It is a simply written, relatable step-by-step small book.

About Reese:

Reesa Woolf, PhD is an International TED Talk Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Author with more than 30-years of experience preparing CEOs and their teams to speak with Confidence.

She is an expert in demystifying and eliminating Fear of Public Speaking.

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Reese Woolf


    There aren’t many books that can change a person’s potential for success, but this one does.

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