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Next Step Strategies, LLC


  • Customized movement programs for Active Adults, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabs, Community Clubhouses, Parks & Recreation, & various centers.
  • Interactive presentations for your marketing needs. We get the community in the door!

About Siobhan:

Siobhan Hutchinson is a Caregiver who understands the challenges this honorable role presents. Strengthening one’s Resilience is one of the cornerstones of her practice. With a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health and as an Accredited teacher in TaiChi/Qigong/Reiki/EnergyMedicine, she created Next Step Strategies to educate and encourage individuals to discover their body’s natural healing ability. Clients report experiencing increased range of motion, balance, relaxation, reduced stress, and an overall sense of well-being. The United Fellowship of Martial Artists awarded her Holistic Healing Artist & Qigong Master. And, she co-anchors the World Tai Chi & Qigong Online Summit. She has studied in China and continues her studies with a variety of holistic practitioners. You may find her bi-weekly at Preferred Health Radio’s Health & Wellness Online Program.

In addition, Siobhan provides customized movement programs for Active Adults, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabs, as well as providing interactive presentations for your marketing needs. Requested speaker at: Caregiver and Cancer Coalitions, Adult Protection Symposiums, Hospitals, Wellness Centers, & University classes & programs. Siobhan is also recognized as an inquisitive interviewer of Holistic Practitioners, Medical Researchers, and Martial Artists on international and national programs.

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    Online & In person classes/workshops:

    • T’ai Chi & Qigong (non-martial art, improves balance/sleep, relaxing)
    • Natural Techniques to De-Stress, Re-Balance, & Re-Energize: For the Caregiver & the Client
    • Reiki – a natural form of healing that originated over 2500 years ago Reiki supports the body’s natural abilities to heal itself, balances life-giving energy, loosens up blocked energy, and fosters mental and spiritual well-being. Many hospitals and homecare agencies offer Reiki to their patients and families.
    • Numerology – What Does Your Name Mean? Learn a fun way to work with Names and Numbers to discover what they represent and their energetic attractions. Program helps groups to bond & connect.
    • Chinese Medicine – 5 Rhythms- Which one are you? This is a fascinating exploration of your “type”- it includes personality traits, stress triggers, potential ailments, preventative measures, etc.
    • Energy Medicine for Women – techniques to help manage the challenges of Menopause and hot flashes. Easy steps to cool down, refresh, and increase well-being naturally.
    • Relieving Pain – different ways to tap into the body’s natural healing ability. Bring a hairbrush and a metal tablespoon.
    • Calming Stress & Anxiety with Energy Medicine. Natural, Fun, Effective steps to do now to help relax the mind/body/spirit.
    • Animal Card Reading – discover your power animal and what do the different animals represent when they appear in your life
    • Aromatherapy – like a fine wine, learn about the difference in quality of essential oils and how you may use them to help with: improving sleep quality, help to ground and center you, and help awaken a sensual you.

    These programs are lively, interactive, and popular at many centers throughout Central NJ, Bucks Co. PA, as well as online. Siobhan has a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health, an accredited teacher in T’ai Chi Chih, Seijaku, Qigong, Reiki, and an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner.


    The wonderful thing about Siobhan is the empathy she brings to the table. Because she was a caregiver herself, her Caregiver Stress, No More! program is enriched with her personal experience in addition to her deep knowledge of stress relief strategies and holistic healthcare. She has a deep, calming presence and our caregiver support group couldn't say enough good things about the program.

    Laura Marie Huisking Director of MarketingGenerations Counseling & Care Management LLC

    Siobhan presented to our Caregivers Support Group and she was phenomenal. Everyone was so engaged and they loved and it and they can’t wait for her to come back.

    Amy Nealy, CDP Client Care and Marketing Coordinator NJ Elder Law Center at Goldberg Law Group

    I really love how you incorporate additional learning and development into our classes. I get excited every class to see what gems you have in store!

    Lisa C.

    Thank you for showing me a great way to exercise. I do it everyday and feel great afterward. Thank you.

    Bill M.

    Over the past 10+ years, I have taken several T'ai Chi Chih classes from Siobhan Hutchinson which have greatly enriched my daily life. When I start the day with a 15-20 minute T'ai Chi Chih session, I have energy that lasts throughout the day coupled with a positive attitude filled with gratitude. Thank you Siobhan.

    Marty B.

    I appreciate the way that Siobhan takes the time to welcome each person to the course. Because there were so many new people (from all over the world)... I was able to stay the whole time and it was a very rich and wonderful class. Siobhan is very clear in her instructions and is very responsive to feedback. Her caring and connecting with each person is a real strength. But it takes time. As a teacher myself, I know how hard it is to find the right balance... I LOVE Siobhan's sense of humor, her freedom, her generous spirit, her voracious appetite for learning and her genuine caring for others. She is always sharing this or that inspiring insight or quote or new thing she learned and invites us to learn from each other. This would all be so much easier if we were together in the same room, getting to know each other. But it is amazing that her intention for forming a little community of mutual caring works as well as it does online.


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