Director of Wellness

The Director of Wellness is responsible for the day to day coordination and oversight of all aspects of the Nursing Department in accordance with current Federal, State and local regulations. Job duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Coordinate, organize, implement, evaluate and direct the nursing service department as well as its programs and activities in accordance with current rules and regulations and guidelines that govern the nursing care facilities.
  2. Maintain a reference library and periodically update to assist the nursing service department in meeting the day to day needs of the residents.’
  3. Develop and maintain methods for coordinating nursing services with other resident services to ensure the continuity of the resident’s total regimen of care.
  4. Participate in facility surveys made by authorized government agencies as necessary or as directed.
  5. Maintain a cooperative and productive relationship with the assigned Clinical Services Coordinator follow-up and ensure resolution to all identified issues.
  6. Develop action plan for systems issues and quality indicators over threshold and submit to CSC for review.
  7. Collect, review and analyze clinical outcome data and determine trends.
  8. Attend and provide clinical outcome data trends at the QA and A committee meeting monthly.
  9. Participate in the QA and A Committee in developing and implementing appropriate plans of action to correct identified deficiencies.
  10. Assist in planning for resident admissions and discharges.
  11. Serve on, participate in and attend various committees of the facility as appointed by the Administrator.
  12. Determine and monitor the staffing needs of the nursing department and ensure the assignment of appropriate and adequate numbers of nursing staff daily for each shift to ensure that the needs of the residents are met.
  13. Review annually at a minimum, all nursing services policies and procedures.
  14. Participate in the interviewing process and select, with the Administrator’s approval, all Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants.
  15. Ensure yearly written performance evaluation of all nursing staff.
  16. Assist support services in developing, implementing, and conducting in service training programs that relate to the nursing department.
  17. Ensure that there are adequate supplies for resident care.
  18. Ensure that medical and nursing care is administered in accordance with the resident’s wishes and per the individualized care plan.
  19. In coordination with the Administrator, prepare, plan and adhere to the nursing services budget.
  20. Maintain the confidentiality of all resident care information.
  21. Ensure residents are treated with dignity and respect and resident rights are maintained.
  22. Maintain a liaison with the residents, their families and support departments to adequately plan for the resident’s needs.
  23. Provide education and in-servicing to facility staff according to education schedule and/or regulatory requirements.
  • CareOne at Moorestown
  • Celeste Johnson