Beth Sholom, Owner of Right at Home of CNJ, Traveled to Costa Rica with the Free Wheelchair Mission

Beth Reisman Sholom, Owner/Executive Director of Right at Home of Central New Jersey, was honored to have been provided the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in October on a Vision Trip to represent Right at Home in delivering and assembling free wheelchairs to the residents of Costa Rica who need them. On this trip Beth and her Right at Home colleagues delivered 62 wheelchairs AT NO COST to people with disabilities.

Now that Beth is back home, she wanted to share her story with you, so you can appreciate how important this mission was not only to the people who received wheelchairs but to the other Right at Home franchise owners who were with her and who worked so hard to assemble and deliver the wheelchairs.

The entire experience was incredible. Beth was overwhelmed not only by the gratitude of the wheelchair recipients but the kindness and graciousness of the other Right at Home franchise owners and employees that she met and worked with.

For example, Denton from the Right at Home Corporate Office lifted a woman from her chair to the newly assembled wheelchair. Beth said it  brought tears to her eyes to see his gentle and giving nature shine.

Beth also worked with Valerie, the Director of Nursing from the Right at Home Cincinnati office, who hugged and held on to one of the wheelchair recipients who had dementia. The recipient didn’t want to let go of Valerie and Valerie stayed with that person and didn’t let go. Valerie was so touched by that moment that she came away sobbing.

Besides assembling and delivering the wheelchairs, Beth gave out stickers to the young children that came running over to see them and Phil from the Right at Home office in Virginia gave these children small toys and gave one boy a soccer ball! Their faces were lit up with smiles of joy and they looked ecstatic – all because what was just a small gesture on their part meant so much to them and brought such happiness to their lives.

When we presented a wheelchair to a woman’s daughter at the office where we worked from, her mom was crying as her daughter receiving it. Beth described how she truly felt that mother’s pain (at what her daughter had gone through) and joy (that her daughter now had a wheelchair to call her own). As a mom who has been blessed with 3 healthy children, Beth ould truly relate to this woman on a Mom-to-Mom basis.

That week in Costa Rica building and delivering these wheelchairs has changed Beth’s life forever. The experience taught her to be grateful for what we have and to try and pay it forward whenever possible. She will always be grateful for having been selected to participate in this program and hope that you will monetarily support Right at Home’s Free Wheelchair Mission, so we can continue to provide this needed and so appreciated gift of mobility to those who truly need it.