Lisa did an outstanding job facilitating such a large virtual meeting!

This week I experienced my first meeting with the NJ Health Care Network - virtually. Despite the challenges of getting up early, dealing with traffic, where to park and how to "work the room," 70 people were able to join the meeting. Networking can be intimidating. Embracing technology has allowed us to connect with others no matter the distance. Doing it virtually allows you to connect discreetly, "work the room" by seeing others that you think would be worth having a side conversation with, and reaching out to them offline.

I enjoyed this meeting. Lisa did an outstanding job facilitating such a large group by being conscientious of time, requesting attendees to mute their phones to block outside noise, staying to an agenda, and having a "keynote" speaker. She allowed a handful of networkers, including myself, to introduce themselves to the group and posed questions that further elaborated on what they or their business brings to the table. I look forward to the next virtual networking meeting and connecting with others in healthcare.

Andrea Nemeth Project Director, NJ HealthWorks Scaling Apprenticeship Grant Bergen Community College