Allaire Launches TeleHealth Solution

Sept. 6, 2018; Allaire Rehab & Nursing, a top-rated, luxurious healthcare facility in Central Jersey, is pleased to announce its new alliance with TeleHealth Solution – bringing the benefits of cutting-edge telemedicine to its patients and residents.

Renowned for its outstanding subacute care and unique Horizons Neuro Rehab Program catering to young adults with neurological impairment, Allaire takes pride on being at the cusp of all that’s new in healthcare: “Revolutionizing Care Delivery™”. By partnering with TeleHealth, Allaire residents are assured round-the-clock physician coverage especially during the critical evening and weekend hours.

In a typical skilled nursing or assisted living community, when a patient experiences respiratory distress, chest pain, a fever, or any other change in medical condition, the patient is sent to the emergency room and potentially admitted to the hospital. With telemedicine technology enabling virtual physician access, a facility can avoid unnecessary hospital transfers and “treat in place” in most scenarios – thus reducing medical costs, stress, hospital-associated delirium, and other potential complications.

Dr. Waseem Ghannam, CEO and Co-Founder of TeleHealth Solution started the company to help elderly patients avoid unnecessary stressors related to acute medical changes. “With this technology coupled with expert hospitalist physicians, we are able to examine patients in their nursing home setting, order additional labs and tests, and prescribe medications that can keep them out of the hospital. Patients can be treated in-house approximately 90% of the time,” states Dr. Ghannam.

TeleHealth Solution employs telemedicine technology that is equipped with a digital stethoscope, a high definition camera, a pulse oximeter, and the Hand Over Heart ECG Glove. “The ECG Glove is a very special tool in our arsenal which would amount to a trip to the hospital to perform but now can be deployed by a nurse instantly,” notes Dr. Ghannam.

“Always looking to upgrade our standard of care as medicine evolves, we are excited to work with TeleHealth. With 24/7 doctor access, Allaire patients and staff no longer have to worry about medical care when our in-house providers are not there. TeleHealth’s board-certified doctors are available on demand to answer questions, evaluate patients, and have family meetings if needed,” says Brie Gallo, Vice President of Operations at Allaire Health Services.

The implementation of telemedicine adds an additional level of physician oversight reassuring families that their loved one will be well-taken care of when an emergency arises in the middle of the night, minimizing the need for hospitalization and bolstering the center’s positive outcomes.

Allaire Rehab & Nursing is the only Special Care Nursing Facility (SCNF) in the state of New Jersey to offer long term care with therapy for individuals who suffer from neurological impairment, and has established itself among the “Best Nursing Homes In The Nation” as ranked by US News & World Report. For more information about Allaire Rehab & Nursing or to schedule a personal tour, please contact Brie Gallo at 732-431-7420 or visit For further information about TeleHealth Solution visit

Two New Certifications That All Health Care Professionals Should Have

National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners added a new certification for support group leaders called Certified Dementia Support Group Facilitator CDSGF at

International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners collaborated with Dr. Cameron Camp PhD to bring a new global certification called Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional see

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Ask-Carol Franchise Available in Ocean/Monmouth

This is original operating territory of Ask-Carol, founded by Carol Shockley in 2008. Currently it is owned as a franchise by her daughter, Lisa Shockley, however Lisa is spending much of her time at her home in upstate NY and has decided to sell the franchise. Contact Lisa directly at for details of the territory and cost, which is negotiable.

This is an existing business, ready for you to take over. It has been featured in the Asbury Park Press and USAToday.


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